ANBI status

The So What’s Next Foundation was established in 2016 (Chamber of Commerce Eindhoven No. 65863186) and operates under a board model. The foundation is designated as a Cultural Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) by the Dutch Tax Administration. The project office is housed in Muziekgebouw Frits Philips Eindhoven and functions as an independent, autonomously programming organization. The So What’s Next Foundation adheres to the Governance Code Culture.

The foundation’s mission is to organize one or more music festivals under the name So What’s Next, contributing to talent development. The multi-day festival provides a platform to showcase the most urgent artistic developments and bring together leading (inter)national top talent, audiences, and music professionals in the field of jazz & beyond. The goal is to provide a distinctive and added value to the (inter)national music scene by organizing an annual contemporary jazz festival and thereby:

  1. Creating space for urgent artistic developments in jazz & beyond
  2. Bringing together leading (inter)national top talent, audiences, and professionals in the field of jazz & beyond
  3. Making a sustainable contribution to the inflow and development of professional talent

The foundation operates on a non-profit basis, focusing more than 90% of its efforts on culture, thereby serving the public interest. The realization of its goals is primarily made possible through multi-year grants from the Municipality of Eindhoven, the Province of North Brabant, and the Performing Arts Fund. Each year, financial accountability is ensured through an auditor’s report prepared by Abel Accountantskantoor.

So What’s Next Foundation

So What’s Next Foundation
Jan van Lieshoutstraat 3
5611 EE Eindhoven

Chamber of Commerce: 65863186
RSIN number: 856293246

Composition of Unpaid Board:

Paul Bruger – chairman
Bas Martens – treasurer/secretary
Hans Matheeuwsen – board member

The So What’s Next Foundation has no employees.