Songs of Joni Mitchell - So What's Next


Songs of Joni Mitchell

Fri 2 Nov | 20:15 - 21:45 | So What's Next? Opening Night | Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

Songs of Joni Mitchell

Noordpool Orkest ft. Zara McFarlane, Ben van Gelder, Anna Serierse & Jorrit Westerhof

Joni Mitchell is a living legend. In November this year she will turn 75, a special occasion to honour her with an extraordinary concert on the opening night of So What’s Next?. The 42-person Noordpool Orkest will play Mitchells most beautiful songs arranged especially for orchestra, with special guests jazz singer Zara McFarlane from London, shooting star saxophonist Ben van Gelder, upcoming vocalist Anna Serierse and virtuoso guitarist Jorrit Westerhof. For these young musicians, Joni Mitchell’s music has been of great influence on their own musical path. And it resonates powerfully through their interpretation of her songs.

Joni Mitchell is a Canadian singer-songwriter with an unfathomable vocal reach. Throughout her extensive oeuvre she has always explored new avenues. She started out her musical career in folk, becoming famous with evergreens such as ‘Big Yellow Taxi’, ‘Blue’ and ‘Both Sides Now’. In the seventies she started looking for new pastures at the edges of pop, jazz, fusion and world music. At the time, she collaborated with other pioneers: Herbie Hancock, Steve Gadd, Jaco Pastorius and Wayne Shorter.


Mitchell’s lyrics are like a diary commenting on her life. She often draws on personal experiences, but her work also sketches a socially engaged image of the seventies and eighties. Her idiosyncratic compositions and sound, which she developed as an autodidact, have left an indelible mark on folk and jazz music – and on new generations of musicians.

In 2000, Mitchell’s 17th album Both Sides Now was released, which won two Grammy awards. Mitchell sings jazz standards as well as own work, accompanied by an orchestra led by Vince Mendoza. It is this music in particular that has inspired the Noordpool Orkest for this project. In Eindhoven, the audience will be treated to arrangements of Mendoza, of Herbie Hancock and new work by Martin Fondse and Reinout Douma.