Kassa Overall - So What's Next


Kassa Overall

Kassa Overall is een muzikant, MC, zanger, producer en drummer, een product van New York City’s jazz scene waarin avant-garde experimenten samensmelt met hip-hop productietechnieken om de connectie tussen deze genres op te tillen naar nog onbekende richtingen. Hierbij ontstaat een reflectie van panoramische muzikale achtergrond van West Coast G-Funk tot de sounds van de New York underground. Maar…hoe ver het experiment ook gaat, Overall blijft trouw aan de jazz drums in de traditie van zijn mentors, Elvin Jones, Billy Higgins en Billy Hart. Als sideman drummer tourt en neemt hij op met artiesten als Geri Allen (rip), Vijay Iyer en Yoko Ono.



“It’s one of the few genuine-sounding, full-scope amalgams of contemporary hip-hop and jazz to surface in recent years.”
“His music invites you deeply into his restless psyche, sedate but never quieted.” -Giovanni Russonello


“Raw, underground, and chaotic…one of modern jazz music’s most audacious futurists.” -Dean Van Nguyen
“Jazz and hip-hop fusion has been waiting for an album as good as this. The French pop-inspired odyssey “Darkness in Mind” is already one of the best songs of the year.” -Jeremy D. Larson
“A fragile diary of a young artist’s escape from the comforts of fear, aided by an incredible community of musicians who have his back.” -Piotr Orlov


“While Kassa Overall began his musical career as a jazz drummer — and remains a damn fine one — his artistic arc is increasingly taking him into creative spaces without easy categorization. It’s the sound of an artist raising his game. Powerful shit!” DOWNBEAT
“Unlike the hesitancy depicted in the record’s title, I Think I’m Good is a confident and breathlessly experimental effort; here, Overall is more than good. He is, perhaps, even great.” -Ammar Kalia

Kassa Overall in Café Altstadt tijdens So What’s Next? 2019


“The musician blends the two genres in a way that’s richly textured yet utterly accessible.” -Larry Blumenfeld


Overall possesses a rare balance of skills and experience on both sides of the equation that makes for a singularly compelling flow. -Larry Blumenfeld