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The name of the very young jazz quartet SMANDEM. is buzzing around the Dutch musician world. The band ran into each other at the Junior Jazz College, an excellence program of the Conservatory of Amsterdam for young jazz talents aged 12 to 18. These four guys who found each other through their love of music draw inspiration from the music of jazz icons such as Herbie Hancock and Christian Scott, but also from popular genres with their peers such as pop, R&B and the sound of contemporary hip-hop stars such as Travis Scott and Drake. In this way, SMANDEM. builds a unique bridge between contemporary youth culture and 20th century jazz.

SMANDEM. consists of Aaron Bouwman (bass guitar), David Nino van der Grinten (keyboardist), Rafael Devante Sinay (guitar) and Kick Woudstra (percussionist). Their new EP Self-Titled. has just been released and tracks from that album will be played live at So What’s Next.

SMANDEM. will be performing on the So What’s Next Festival Night – Saturday, October 29