What is So What’s Next? festival?

On October 28, 29, and 30 2022, for the 10th time in a row, So What’s Next? will bring the finest jazz acts of today to Eindhoven. Jazz is the starting point but surely not the only frame of reference. A three-day music evolution with groundbreaking concerts of jazz artists of the new millennium.

Who is playing at So What’s Next?

Check the Program to see which acts will be playing during So What’s Next?.

Where can I order tickets?

Tickets are on sale via Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.

Where can I listen to the So What’s Next? official playlist?

Via this link you can listen to the Spotify playlist.


So What’s Next is for young and old, however, for the festival evening on October 29, visitors under the age of 16 may only enter under supervision.


On Saturday October 29, you can order a build-your-own pasta buffet, fries, burgers, and of course also the necessary drinks and snacks. There are vegan options.


Have you bought a ticket for the ClubNight on 28/10 and/or the Festivalnight on 29/10 and have a question about this? Mail to tickets@mgehv.nl.