What is So What’s Next? festival?

On October 29, 30, and 31 – 2021, for the 9th time in a row, So What’s Next? will bring the finest jazz & beyond acts of today to Eindhoven. Jazz is the starting point but surely not the only frame of reference. A three-day music evolution with groundbreaking concerts of jazz & beyond artists of the new millennium.

Who is playing at So What’s Next?

Check the Program to see which acts will be playing during So What’s Next?.

Which ticket should I buy for Saturday 30 October?

Since 2019, things have been slightly different with the tickets in the Muziekgebouw: the combi tickets are a thing of the past and we are doing things differently. But how does it work? With a ticket for the concert in the Main Hall: Metropole Orkest + José James + Gaidaa + Nana Adjoa, you also have access to ±8 other side-acts in the foyers of the Muziekgebouw. With a ticket for the Small Hall, you also have access to the ±8 side-acts in the foyers. We will announce the program for the Small Hall soon.

We only sell tickets for the concerts at the Muziekgebouw on Saturday October 30th and for the concert at De Paterskerk (DomusDela) on Friday October 29th.

Where can I order tickets?

Tickets are on sale via Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. Click here for one of the three available ticket types:

Tickets Friday 29 October | De Paterskerk (DomusDela): Orbit
Tickets Saturday 30 October | Main Hall: Metropole Orkest + José James + Gaidaa + Nana Adjoa
Tickets Saturday 30 October | Small Hall: program to be announced

Due to Covid-regulations, we present these concerts with seating for which you can choose your chair in the ticket ordering process. There might be a chance that these placed concerts will be converted to a sitting ánd standing concert, for which you can choose where you will sit or stand when you enter the concert hall. The seat you have chosen online will then be expired. Naturally, we will inform you about this in time, before the event takes place.

Which concerts have a free entrance?

Check the Program to see if the concert you’d like to visit has the FREE label. There will be 50+ concerts around Eindhoven, on all three festival days, that are free to attend. These acts can be found in hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, alternative music venues and on the city’s streets.

Where can I listen to the So What’s Next? official playlist?

Via this link or the play button below.