So What’s Next? proudly presents the So What’s Next? Professionals Program

Sunday, October 31, 12.15 – 14.00
The Studio of Van Abbemuseum
Free entrance

Every year, the festival invites musicians, music fans and music industry professionals – present and future – to come together to hear from the experts and leaders on the state of the music scene and to discuss current trends as well as timeless themes shaping the world of music.

Music & Message

This year’s theme is ‘Music & Message’, exploring the idea that, especially given current events, music continues to serve as an effective delivery system, from the musician to the listener, of life lessons, social ideals, personal experience and public protest.

We are honoured to welcome a truly all-star cast of expert speakers, three music leaders on the frontline of music change and impact, including renowned American author, critic and musician Greg Tate (‘Music is Medicine’ is his chosen topic), bassist and popular online music educator Adam Neely (known for his YouTube series), and vocalist, composer and groundbreaking bandleader of the big band NYChillharmonic, Sara McDonald.

We feel the theme of ‘Music & Message’ could not be more timely given the events and challenges of the past two years. Please join us for an inspiring and uplifting gathering at the Studio in the Van Abbemuseum, from 12.15 to 14.00.