Michelle David
& The True-Tones

Michelle David & The True-tones know how to put on a glowing performance of classic soul. With their upbeat grooves, powerful vocals, and strong melodies, they have already conquered many festivals and numerous clubs. Having played renowned Dutch festivals such as Pinkpop and North Sea Jazz, the band toured from Spain to Scandinavia, leaving memorable impressions wherever they play; delivering an unforgettable live experience. Of course, we are proud to welcome Michelle and her grooving band at So What’s Next Jazzfestival Eindhoven!

Raised in New York in a church, Michelle David started singing at the age of four and joined her first group, The Mission of Love, when she was five. During her career, she toured the world with Broadway musical “Mama”, contributed to successful theatre shows such as The Sound of Motown, Glory of Gospel and Mahalia and recorded for artists such as Diana Ross and Michael Bolton. This all happened before releasing six critically acclaimed gospel-infused albums with the True-tones.

The band’s discography has been praised; receiving an Edison nomination (the Dutch Grammy), while their previous record Truth & Soul was named Album of the Month on FIP radio in France and Album of the Year at Craig Charles’ BBC Radio 6 Music show. The group did numerous radio and TV performances and were even invited to play their music on the biggest National TV show during the Winter Olympics 2022.
The band form a tight-knit unit that seamlessly blends their individual talents, resulting in the distinctive sound that defines Michelle David & the True-tones. The band’s instrumentation, characterized by groovy basslines, and Michelle David’s powerhouse vocals, becomes a vibrant tapestry in the studio setting. With their new album “Brothers & Sisters”, Michelle David & the True-tones have crafted a sonic journey which resonates with the soulful spirit of their live shows, inviting audiences to groove along with them on a timeless musical voyage.

Line up:
Michelle David : vocals
Paul Willemsen: guitar, bass guitar
Onno Smit: guitar, bass guitar
Bas Bouma drums

Grand Festival Night
Sat 2 nov ‘24