New York Sessions: Matthew Stevens - So What's Next

New York Sessions: Matthew Stevens

2 november 2017


So What’s Next? goes New York and meets up with the artists that are coming to the festival in 2017 to find out what they’re all about. In episode 5 we hang out with guiratist Matthew Stevens at the banks of the Hudson river. Stevens is named “a singular talent brimming with a strong identity” (DownBeat Magazine) who “navigates with ease among jazz, indie-rock, and soul” (The New York Times). He’s also trying to make sense of life through his music.

When does Matthew Stevens Jazz play at So What’s Next?

Concert Matthew Stevens at So What’s Next?
* Sunday 5 November 2017


Special thanks to:
Mark Guiliana & courtesy of Ropeadope
And many thanks to the creators:
Directed & Edited by Seven Halsema
Cinematography by Paul Overstrom & Dave Dominguez
Additional Music by Jay Soul
Visuals by Van Lennep
Concept by Liesbeth Beeftink