Open Call selection announced - So What's Next


Open Call selection announced

2 oktober 2017

For the second year in a row So What’s Next? has invited up-and-coming jazz and crossover artists to join us at So What’s Next? Downtown. Fifteen acts will invited to present their music during our showcase program on 5 November 2017. So What’s Next? Downtown takes place at various locations in the city centre of Eindhoven.

With nearly 100 reactions to the Open Call, the response was overwhelming!
The jury consisting of Guido Van Dieren (BIRD), Frank Bolder (LantarenVenster/ North Sea Jazz festival) and David Ernst (Gaslab / Studium Generale Eindhoven), had to plunge into the submissions and select fifteen candidates for a spot at So What’s Next? Downtown. They were pleasently surprised by the quality level of the artists and the variety of their work. The cross-over styles are well presented in the selection the jury as made.

Congratulations to:

Greyheads (NL), Marutyri (NL), DAYO (Bulgaria), Cast Glass (Germany/NL), Tommy Moustache (NL), Kruidkoek (NL), S’yo Fang Octet (Taiwan), Motion Complex (UK), Dr. Meraki (NL), Liya Grigoryan (Armenië), Funky Miracle (Bulgaria), Aart Strootman (NL), Claudio jr. De Rosa Quartet (Italy/ Spain) Laurent Coulondre / Gravity Zero (France) and We Are Leif (UK).